The Dating Abuse Prevention Program was started in 1987 by JBWS, a program providing safety, support, and solutions for abuse in greater Morris County, NJ.

Originally, program staff led workshops in high school health classes on family violence. After a teacher approached the staff about a student of hers who was being hurt by her boyfriend, the program shifted its focus to teen dating abuse.



DAPP provides awareness and education workshops for middle school, high school, and college students. Specialized programs for community and faith-based youth groups are also provided. The presenters have professional degrees in counseling, social work, communications, education, or related fields and are highly knowledgeable in the subject and are skilled, sensitive classroom presenters.


Student Projects

No2DatingAbuse works with student leaders to assist with presentations and projects lead by students. These collaborations include sharing of resources, data + statistics, and general education about dating abuse. Students can meet directly with the program manager to learn about dating abuse to share with their peers and classmates. Students can also be connected with fellow ambassadors to learn from other students as well.


Health and Wellness Fairs

Health and community fairs are a fantastic way to bring the dating abuse prevention program to your school community and provide resources to a large number of students. If you are having a health fair in your community No2DatingAbuse would love to attend and represent JBWS providing these resources to students, staff, and community members.


Parent Presentations

Parent Presentations can be provided to any group of adults in the community such as: local community groups, library groups, PTA programs, back-to-school night, or professional groups. These workshops include education for parents on how to recognize warning signs in their teen’s relationships, how to foster conversations about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and essential resources for parents and their teens to navigate dating.