The Dating Abuse Awareness Ambassadors of Morris County is a coalition of student leaders from high schools and community groups across the county. The mission of this group is to raise awareness and connect their community to resources.


Since this group began in November 2020 the ambassadors have met monthly, created social media content, assisted in the facilitation of the annual youth conference, and developed awareness campaigns for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. If you are interested in creating change in your school community and becoming an awareness ambassador, you can connect to our ambassadors at [email protected] or through social media.


Youth Conference

Each year, more than 100 student peer and athletic leaders join together for a one-day leadership conference to prevent dating abuse. The day is filled with guest speakers, engaging performances, student creative projects, and a deep dive into pop culture and our exposures to relationships and setting our standards and expectations.


Visit our social media to learn more about our youth conference or send us an email to connect with the program manager or our dating abuse ambassadors.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. During February, the Dating Abuse Prevention Program raises awareness in schools, the community and on social media. During TDVAM in 2021 the program focused on virtual awareness through social media campaigns, zoom presentations, facilitating the annual youth conference, supporting student projects, and various schools’ independent projects.


This year TDVAM got creative and reached students in new and innovative ways. Some of the projects accomplished this year were morning announcements on including dating abuse statistics and resources, teachers participated in a “wear jeans day” to raise awareness and collect donations, and student assistant counselors shared resources on their google classroom pages to provide JBWS resources in an accessible place for all students.

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Girl Scouts_

Girl Scouts

Working with community groups such as girl scouts is a fun and collaborative way No2DatingAbuse is able to engage the community outside of the school environment. Some of the highlighted work with girl scouts is included but not limited to gold award projects, raising donations + collection drives, silver award projects, providing workshops to girl scout meetings, and much more.


Most recently a few girl scouts completing their gold award in the community have served as dating abuse awareness ambassadors assisting in creating a sustainable group of teen leaders within the community. If you are a girl scout or leader interested in bringing this education to your troop, please reach out to the program manager.


Nobody teaches you how to love in the best way possible and when you’re a teenager, you may not have a high self-esteem, so you don’t recognize that you deserve a certain amount of respect from your partner and telling people that is such a powerful, important thing.”


Dating Abuse Awareness Ambassador

“I think it’s really important that we start educating people about what the signs of an abusive relationship are because they’re not always clear cut and we need to learn how to recognize them so we can help ourselves and our friends and family get out of those relationship.”


Dating Abuse Awareness Ambassador