Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Every February, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) provides an opportunity to educate the community about the prevalence of dating abuse among teenagers and young adults.


Dating abuse is a pattern of coercive or controlling behavior where one person uses fear and intimidation to gain power over their partner. Anyone can experience dating abuse regardless of their race, ethnicity, income level, gender, sexuality, or education level. This year, Love is Respect chose the theme “love like that” to highlight what a healthy, loving relationship looks like.

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For Teens

Information for Peers

For Parents

Information for Parents

For Schools

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For Teens: 

Would You Know How To Help a Friend Experiencing Dating Abuse?

What would you do if your friend told you that their partner was using abuse? Would you know how to respond? Did you know that sometimes just talking about the abuse with the person experiencing it can be dangerous?


If you are worried about your safety or your friend’s safety, then speaking with a knowledgeable adult or calling JBWS’ 24-Hour Helpline, 1.877.782.2873, is a good place to start.  You can speak to someone without giving your name. 

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For Parents: 

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"I Would Know If My Child Was Being Abused in Their Relationship"

While you might have a close relationship with your teenager, it does not mean that they will disclose whether or not they are experiencing abuse. In fact, only 9% of teenagers ever seek help for abuse and if they do, it's rarely from their parents according to the dating abuse prevention organization That's Not Cool.

For Schools: 

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How to Participate in TDVAM

Educating students about dating abuse within the classroom is extremely important because teenagers spend a large portion of their time at school. Here are some ways to participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM):

  • Go Orange: Decorate the halls in the color orange, put up posters, encourage students, teachers, and administrators to wear orange throughout February in support of TDVAM.

  • Host a Last Drop Screening: for upperclassmen and/or parents. This involves a powerful 40-minute film that portrays an abusive relationship between two college students, followed by a 40-minute debrief and discussion about dynamics of abuse, warning signs, and strategies for getting help.

  • Social Media: can be a powerful tool in raising awareness about Teen Dating Violence. Consider posting about this issue on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and any other school social media platforms. When posting, consider using the hashtag #teenDVmonth so everyone can follow what is being done at your school.

For more information about Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, to schedule a No2DatingAbuse workshop, or to connect a student for teen counseling services, please contact at [email protected] or at (973) 267-7520 ext. 136.